VCOPVocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (UK education)
VCOPVirtual Community of Practice (education)
VCOPVirtual Cockpit Optimization Program (military aviation)
VCOPVoluntary Code of Practice
VCOPVirgin Coconut Oil Producers (Philippines)
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Offering an opportunity to join an asynchronous vCoP, access contemporary information via the blog, or be part of synchronous discussions through video-conferencing were important steps for supporting preceptors situated within their rural communities, rather than the need for them to travel to undertake face-to-face professional development.
The phases of building a VCoP are as follows (Palloff & Pratt, 1999): the initial, the conflict, the intimacy and work, and the termination.
The other two observations from the stepping-down task, the CoP-AP and VCoP, showed no significant interaction effect [CoP-AP: F(4,40) = 1.315 and p = 0.287; VCoP: F(4, 40) = 1.308 and p = 0.292], group effect [CoP-AP: F(2,20) = 0.113 and p = 0.894;VCoP: F(2,20) = 0.194 and p = 0.825], or time effect [CoP-AP: F(2,40) = 1.429 and p = 0.252; VCoP: F(2,40) = 1.596 and p = 0.222].
Established back in 2005, VCOP has a network of about 600 members around the country.
ESM can foster and support the creation of virtual communities of practice (VCoPs).
L'Huillier, "Enhancing community discovery and characterization in vcop using topic models," in Web Intelligence/IAT Workshops, J.
(2007) who conceptualise across three dimensions: competence, benevolence and integrity (with a real application in a VCoP).
VCOP is intended to function as a virtual cockpit that takes advantage of Microvision's advanced display technology to provide pilots with different information overlays depending on where the pilot is looking.
(47) In March 2016, the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps established a virtual community of practice, or vCOP, for a limited group of sailors, Marines, and civilians with an interest in war gaming and provided funding to the Naval War College to provide web-based war-gaming/ experimentation repositories.
Microvision will expand their work on the Virtual Cockpit Optimization Program (VCOP) for use in attack and utility helicopters.