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VCOSVespa Club of Seattle
VCOSVisible Caching Operating System
VCOSVolunteer Chief Officer Section
VCOSVolusia County Orchid Society
VCOSVice Chief of Staff (various organizations)
VCOSVehicle Combat Operating System
VCOSVehicle Control Operating System
VCOSVespa Club Of Sacramento (Sacramento, California)
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Table 1 lists the performance comparison of the proposed VCO and other VCOs.
"Conventional methods of acquiring lock, such as search oscillators, would be far too slow for this application," Asquith and Thomas said, noting that in the chosen approach, after a coarse pre-steer phase has steered the VCO frequency into the correct region, accurate tuning occurs before phase lock by means of a digital discriminator technique.
Many of the Frontier troops who had been magnificent in the attack now bolted, followed by a barrage of abuses in Pashto from the VCOs. Fortunately the Dogra Platoon under Subedar Bikka Ram remained firm to a man.
This article deals with CMOS oscillators, acting in a Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO).
The dividers support programmable phase offsets from 0 to 63 steps, in half periods of the input clock (for example, the VCO divider output clock)." Finally, the polarity and strength of each of the 14 output drivers are separately programmable, so one can be driving a LVDS device and another some LVPECL logic.
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A PLL is a combination of phase detector (PD), low pass filter (LPF), voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), and frequency divider.
Specifically, decisions to purchase VCOs may be made at the household level as much as, or more than, the individual level.
Comparison of VCOs performance in 0.18 [micro]m CMOS.
LC VCOs are used for low-jitter multigigahertz applications, but their tuning range is inherently small [2, 4].