VCOVVlaamse Confederatie van Ouders en Ouderverenigingen (Dutch: Flemish Confederation of Parents and Parents' Associations)
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glm auditc sex, family(poisson) link(log) robust eform R install.packages(pkgs = c("Epi", "foreign", "sandwich", "Imtest")) library(Epi) library(foreign) library(sandwich) # to get robust estimators library(lmtest) # to test coefficients data[left arrow]read.dta("C:/BBDD.dta", convert.factors=F) model[left arrow]glm(auditc ~ sex, data=data, family=poisson(link=log)) summary(model) coef[left arrow]coeftest(model, vcov = sandwich) ## Sex Coefficient B[left arrow]coef["sex","Estimate"] ## Sex coefficient Standard Error SE[left arrow]coef["sex","Std.