VCPUVirtual Cpu
VCPUVideo Compression Processor Unit
VCPUVirtual Central Processing Unit
VCPUVideo Compression Processor Unit (computing)
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The KVM structure contains the global information of the corresponding VM, such as physical memory region, vcpus information, page table, memory management unit (MMU), I/O bus information, and the dirty translation lookaside buffer.
The third kind of main concept in the metamodel is feature attribute, which is usually used to describe the common properties of IaaS functions or nonfunctional characteristics, such as the numbers of vCPU, memory, and hard disk capacity.
VM models Item Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4 VCPU (MHz) 1000 * 1 1200 * 2 1300 * 2 1400 * 4 RAM (M) 512 1024 1024 2048 VM models Item Model 5 Model 6 Model 7 Model 8 VCPU (MHz) 1500 * 4 1600 * 6 1800 * 6 2000 * 8 RAM (M) 2048 4096 4096 8192 TABLE 6: VM models for user requests.
For these cases, as well as when the monitor needs to request that operations be executed on a given node or VCPU, a carefully designed communication mechanism is provided in Cellular Disco that offers low latency and exactly-once semantics.
Figure 4 shows how to enter the BOOST state after executing the reset_credit() function to initialize credits for all vcpus because a specific vcpu has insufficient credits.
The basic trace-cmd command that we used to capture KVM events from the host is "trace-cmd record -e kvm-P xxx" (where xxx is the process/thread ID of the guest KVM VCPU).
[29] VMware, "vCPU," .jsp#com.vmware.vsphere.vm_admin.doc_50/GUID-13AD347E3B77-4A67-B3F4-4AC2230E4509.html.
All VMs were single virtual CPU (vCPU) with maximum vCPU (limit kept in suspended state) with CPU intensive benchmark Prime95 [29] running over each VM when suspended.
present a pre-copy an optimized pre-copy algorithm by CPU scheduling in [6].Its key idea is to control the memory writing speed by adjusting VCPU. When the VM writes memory too fast, the VCPU will be slowed down.
If the virtual address is not in the hardware TLB of the MIPS R10000, Disco's TLB miss handler will first check if the TLB entry is present in the 12tlb (second-level TLB) of the vcpu (virtual processor).
You can now select as many as eight NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, 96 vCPU and 624GB of system memory in a single VM, receiving up to 1 petaflop of mixed precision hardware acceleration performance." [Reference Link]:[]
It interposes synchronous virus scanning operations on the critical path of program executions in guest VM and it ensures that any code executed by vCPU has been examined.