VCQVibrant Colour Quality
VCQVibrant Color Quality (refers to quality of 3d graphics rendering)
VCQVirginia Consortium of Quilters
VCQValue Creation Quotient (financial metric)
VCQVermont Council for Quality (est. 1996)
VCQVirtual Channel Queue (computer networking)
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The research at the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ) at the University of Vienna and at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences was undertaken in collaboration with the scientists who originally invented the protocol, based at the University of Edinburgh, the Institute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo), the Centre for Quantum Technologies (National University of Singapore), and University College Dublin.
The VCQ has undergone rigorous reliability and validity checks (Kuhl & Fuhrmann, 1998; Kuhl, 2000), and it has been validated with normal nonclinical and several clinical samples, including alcoholics, psychosomatic in-patients, and patients with obsessive-compulsive disorders (Kuhl & Fuhrmann, 2000).
We also compared the offender data with the norm sample of the VCQ (n = 122; Kuhl & Fuhrmann, 2000).
In the comparison between the offender groups and the VCQ normal sample, however, significant differences were shown on all scales except self-control.
In this study, we used the VCQ and a scale containing seven sub-scales measuring the degree to which individuals perceive their emotions and how they evaluate and cope with them (Emotional Experience Scale; Behr & Becker, 2004).