VCRCVirtual Catalog of Roman Coins
VCRCVector Control Research Centre (India)
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VCRCVirtual Community Resource Centre (Ontario, Canada)
VCRCVoice Circuit Reconfiguration Confirmation
VCRCVital Capacity Restitution Curve
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Sahu, Scientist 'D' & Officer-in-Charge, VCRC Field Station, Koraput, Hati Line, Near Collectorate, Koraput, At/P.
R Jambulingam, Director, VCRC, Puducherry, participated in the Meeting of the Integrated Vector Management Group on Capacity Strengthening, at Washington, D.
Das, Formerly Director, Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC) (ICMR), Puducherry, India, for the facilities provided, and the staff of VCRC field station at Malkangiri district, Orissa, for technical assistance.
Jambulingam, Director, VCRC, Puducherry, also participated in the Technical Consultations on Combining Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets and Indoor Residual Spraying, at Geneva (February 4-6, 2009).
P Jambulingam, Director, VCRC, Puducherry, participated in the Training Course on Management of Malaria Field Operations 2009 at Kanchanaburi, Thailand (February 26-27, 2009).
minimus were kept in Eppendorf tube, dried for 4-5 h at 90[degrees]C and sent to the VCRC laboratory for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay.
Details of age, sex, microfilariae count were recorded at the VCRC, Puducherry.
Follow up samples: The microfilariae carriers and lymphoedema patients were followed up at VCRC, Pondicherry, for one year.
5a5b] serotype obtained from the culture collection of Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC), Puducherry code named as VCRC B42, was used for this study.
Das, formerly Director, VCRC, Puducherry, for his support and critical suggestions, and the technical staff of the Division of Product Development, VCRC, for their assistance.
Hoti, Deputy Director, VCRC, Pondicherry, participated in the meeting on Monitoring of Drug Efficacy in Large Scale Treatment Programmes in Human Helminthiasis at Washington D.