VCRPVirtueller Campus Rheinland Pfalz (German)
VCRPVoluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (US FDA)
VCRPVendor Complaint Review Process (Canada)
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Information from the VCRP database also has been used by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), an independent, industry-funded panel of scientific experts, to assist the CIR Expert Panel in assessing ingredient safety and determining priorities for ingredient safety review.
like CCC, VCRP and CIR will not create the level of effective regulation necessary to effectively protect consumers.
The cosmetic industry, through sponsorship by the CTFA and endorsement by the FDA, should consolidate the original VCRP (142) established by the FDA in the early 1970's, the CIR currently in place, and the CCC currently under development by the CTFA.
The original VCRP, which included three parts: registration information for the manufacturing or packing establishment, information regarding the ingredient formulation and raw material usage in cosmetic products, and annual reporting of adverse reactions, would have to be re-adopted by the cosmetic industry to replace the abbreviated version currently in operation.
While this discourse may only ever affect the lives of the subjects of research to a limited extent (if at all), it is the objective of the VCRP to ensure that, at other levels more directly relevant to their own lives, ni-Vanuatu can perceive research as an exercise over which they have some control, in which they can mean ingfully participate, and from which they can benefit.
In according itself a central role in the implementation of the VCRP, the Cultural Centre has also been able to effect its own objectives through the work of foreign researchers.