VCS3Voltage-Controlled Studio 3 (analogue synthesizer, aka The Putney)
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An interview with Associate Professor Jane Southcott more positively highlighted that where possible, the latest technology was being used in Australian music education during this time: "In some Australian schools small synthesisers, such as the VCS3, were used in class music instruction from 1975.
With Peter Zinovieff and David Cockerel, he designed and marketed the Voltage Controlled Studio Mark 3 (VCS3), an extremely successful synthesiser and a rival to the Moog.
Simpson was to become the primary composer for the program throughout the 1970s, but his decision in the early 1970s to "perform" his music entirely on the EMS VCS3 (a smaller version of the Delaware), leads on this recording to some hilariously dated sounds, a frequent problem with early analog synthesizer music, and his are among the least successful tracks on this CD.