VCSHVersion Control System for $HOME (Linux)
VCSHRain Shower in the Vicinity (meteorology)
VCSHVisionary Consulting SHanghai
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The soil organic C concentration was determined by dry combustion, using a TOC analyser (Shimadzu VCSH).
TAF AMD KCOS 1115362 1116/1717 34015625KT P691 VCSH BKNO15 OVC0;: FM111800 36020G30KT 291 -SN BR OVC012 F1112200 350256351< 291 -SN B OVCOL2 R1120900 350206301<T 2911 -SN E OVC012
Trained weather observers located at some airports can augment the observation to add these details, such as including showers in the vicinity of the airport (VCSH).
That TAF showed, "FM271600 26008G16KT P6SM VCSH BKNO70." Broken 7000 with showers in the vicinity wouldn't strike fear into the hearts of many pilots, even those without an instrument rating.
As a result, the forecaster will likely only include -RA or -SHRA in the TAR In some cases, the terminal forecaster might include a cloud type of CB (cumulonimbus) as in 4SM VCSH OV0005CB.