VCSOVoltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (Micro Networks Corp.)
VCSOVolusia County Sheriff's Office (FL)
VCSOVoluntary and Community Sector Organisations (Basingstoke, UK)
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The frequency-stabilizing element in a transmission type VCSO is the SAW delay line.
Simple value changes allow the same design to function over the entire range of VCSO frequencies.
The information presented in this article provides insight into the operation of a VCSO. Critical performance parameters and the design parameters affecting them have been discussed, In addition, two applications that make use of VCSO technology to provide high performance telecom solutions have been presented.
VCSOs do not offer the temperature stability of quartz crystal oscillators.
A low noise voltage regulator is used in most VCSOs. The regulator suppresses the external power supply ripple and noise, and provides frequency pushing of less than 2 ppm/A of power supply variation.
The low noise provided by VCSOs is one of the parameters that dictat their use in many applications.