VCSPVio Certified Soft Proofing (advertisement delivery system)
VCSPVoluntary Closure of the Soft Palate (respiration physiology)
VCSPVirginia College Savings Plan
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In addition, Announcement 2012-45 eliminated the earlier requirement that a taxpayer agree to extend the period of limitation on assessment of employment taxes as part of the VCSP closing agreement.
Announcement 2012-45 restates which taxpayers are eligible to participate in the VCSP.
The VCSP is optional and provides taxpayers with an opportunity to voluntarily reclassify their workers as employees for Future tax periods with limited federal employment tax liability for the past nonemployee treatment.
A taxpayer is no longer required to agree to extend the limitation period on employment tax assessment as part of the VCSP dosing agreement with the IRS.
By design, the initial cost to participate in the VCSP is relatively small.
By way of quirk review, the IRS introduced the VCSP in September, which allows small businesses to reclassify workers as employees while paying minimal back taxes and avoiding interest and penalties.
To participate in the VCSP, a taxpayer must submit an application, Form 8952, Application for Voluntary Classification Settlement Program.
The VCSP is detailed in Announcement 2011-64, News Release IR 2011-95, and in frequently asked questions on the IRS website at http://tinyurl.
Unlike an existing settlement program for employers under an IRS examination, the VCSP allows eligible taxpayers to voluntarily enter into an agreement with the IRS.
The reverse stock split will be effective after the close of trading on Thursday, October 27, 2005, and Vocalscape's common stock will begin trading, as adjusted for the reverse stock split, on Friday, October 28, 2005 under the symbol VCSP.
In light of the MOUs, VCSP, and other developments, employers should assess their risk related to this issue and determine an appropriate approach based on their facts and circumstances.
VCSP expects to form relationships with other drug, research and therapeutic organizations recognized for their synergistic oncological expertise and/or cutting edge technologies.