VCTCVentura County Transportation Commission
VCTCVicHealth Centre for Tobacco Control (joint initiative; Australia)
VCTCVoluntary Counseling and Testing Centre (India)
VCTCVoluntary Cleanup Tax Credit (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
VCTCVermont Coalition of Teen Centers
VCTCVirginia Christian Teen Convention
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HIV status was confirmed by ELISA method at VCTC centre of our hospital
They were advised for Voluntery counseling and testing center (VCTC) for HIV testing and blood samples collected for HBS Ag testing.
90 confirmed HIV positive patients attending Voluntary Counselling and Testing Center (VCTC) located in Al-Ameen Medical college Hospital, Bijapur, were enrolled in the study.
VCTC & VDRL tests were non-reactive, ESR was elevated.
METHODS: The present study dealt with 150 HIV seropositive patients selected from Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre (VCTC), Chigateri General Hospital attached to JJM Medical College, Davangere.
All Patients who presented to VCTC at CG hospital, irrespective of the department of referral, irrespective of the stage of HIV infection and irrespective of the presence or absence of dermatological complaints.
Children below 1.5 years, as they could not be diagnosed with HIV, with the procedure followed in VCTC.
With this background knowledge, the present study was conducted among hospital p[patients who were referred to the voluntary counseling and testing center (VCTC) from various outpatient and inpatient department (OPD and IPD) in BRIMS Teaching Hospital to find out their disease symptom patterns (they were suffering from); their HIV serostatus and high risk behavior (HRB) for HIV/AIDS.
The study subjects were the patients who were referred from various outpatients as well inpatient departments of the hospital to the VCTC of the institution for counseling and screening of their HIV serostatus.
This hospital has a Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre (VCTC) for HIV testing and counseling of individuals regarding precautionary steps, treatment options available and providing social and community support.
BLOOD SAMPLE TESTING: The collected specimens were sent to either the VCTC and tested as per their guidelines or the Department of Microbiology and analyzed using Combaids, Tridot, Capilus and ELISA kits as per manufacturer's instruction guide.