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VCUGVoiding Cystourethrogram
VCUGVoiding Cystourethrography
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One patient suffered from a febrile UTI 3 weeks after endoscopic injection with PAGH and a persistent VUR was confirmed by VCUG.
The results found greater VCUG reporting accuracy with free-standing hospitals.
No deterioration of the upper urinary tract was noted on subsequent ultrasound and VCUG.
Both channels should be visualized by VCUG and/or retrograde urethrography.
VCUG could accurately reveal the presence and severity of VUR and suggest ureterocele prolapse.
18] Evidence to support the use of RUS in VUR is in the setting of initial workup of children with febrile UTI and VUR diagnosis alongside VCUG and DMSA.
Further investigation with VCUG did not demonstrate reflux and confirmed the absence of ureterocele.