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VCVVirtual Containment Vessel
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Anesthesia was started with VCV and after creation of pneumoperitoneum; the patients were randomized into PCV or VCV groups.
The aim of this clinical trial was to compare the effects of the VCV and PCV protective modes of mechanical ventilation on pulmonary mechanics, gas exchange, and hemodynamic parameters of patients during laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
The order of fit is usually chosen so that the observed variance-covariance (VCV) stmcture can be appropriately fitted with as few parameters as possible (Van Der Werf et al., 1998).
For patients receiving assist/control ventilation (A/C), volume-controlled ventilation (VCV), pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV), and pressure-regulated volume control ventilation (PRVC), the V[sub]T under mandatory ventilation was adapted; for patients receiving biphasic positive airway pressure (BIPAP), the V[sub]T under the high-level pressure was recorded; for patients receiving pressure support ventilation (PSV) and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), the V[sub]T of monitoring was adapted; and for patients receiving synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) combined with PSV, the V[sub]T under mandatory ventilation and pressure support were both recorded and the larger of the two values was adapted.
(a) [V.sub.2]/[V.sub.1]: second lengthened to first short vowel in disyllabic feet with a VCV nucleus; (3)
Closed end funds are: Invesco Advantage Municipal Income Trust II (VKI), Invesco Bond Fund (VBF), Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust (VCV), Invesco Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund (VTA), Invesco High Income Trust II (VLT), Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust (OIA), Invesco Municipal Opportunity Trust (VMO), Invesco Municipal Trust (VKQ), Invesco Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust (VPV), Invesco Quality Municipal Income Trust (IQI), Invesco Senior Income Trust (VVR), Invesco Trust for Investment Grade Municipals (VGM), Invesco Trust for Investment Grade New York Municipals (VTN) and Invesco Value Municipal Income Trust (IIM).
As palavras possuiam uma estrutura simples, sendo a maioria dissilabos de estrutura CVCV, alguns de estrutura VCV, e monossilabos de estrutura CVV e CV.
Table 5 reports the coefficients from the regression of return on recent VC investment on market conditions and changes in market conditions between the venture capital valuation date and the filing date (CPI, S&P 500, consumer sentiment), VC investment characteristics (number of days, venture capital reputation [VCREP], stage level, number of firms, number of rounds, additional funding, total funding), and other determinants of IPO long-run performance (VCV, BV/VCV, ILLIQ, firm age, TECH, UWREP, fraction sold, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations [NASDAQ], New York Stock Exchange [NYSE]).
Os metodos ventilatorios mais utilizados sao a ventilacao com volume controlado (VCV), ventilacao com pressao controlada (PCV) ou a ventilacao com suporte pressorico (PSV).
Some phonologists such as Clements and Keyser (1983) propose that the boundary of VCV is to be marked as V.CV.
Moreover, Ohman model [8] is designed for VCV, VCCV or VCCCV phonetic utterances, therefore its application for VVCV and VCVV utterances must be considered separately.
Cabaca (Cab), Sarnadinha (Sar), Sobreira (Sob), Vila Cha Vermelhos (VCV);