VCWViolent Championship Wrestling
VCWVena Contracta Width
VCWValley Classic Wheels (car club; Simsbury, CT)
VCWVehicle Curb Weight
VCWVoice Comms Warehouse (UK)
VCWVenture Capital World
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As significant part of this sponsorship, VCW Security will have 2 pitchside advertising boards at the Saints Park Hall stadium for the 2015/16 season.
We are happy to be working with VCW Security, as they understand the market needs and go the extra mile to ensure that partners are always up to date with their product portfolio.
ii) The dismantling of Moni cement plant (a commitment stemming from the merger agreement with VCW, a long awaited move by local communities, a development applauded for its ecological and town planning significance, but most importantly a positive milestone in the micro and macro context towards economic growth) is diminished to a decision in defiance of reality.
The VCW is a state agency that helps women achieve legal, economic, social, and political equality.
Oswestry-based Voice Comms Warehouse was formed in 2005 and is a distributor of IT security and voice products under its two technology arms, VCW Voice Ltd and VCW Security Ltd.
Steve said: "I was chatting to some of the guys from the VCW on the internet and they issued us with the challenge, which we were keen to accept".
VCW is all set to promote Red Lambda through its widespread channel network within the UK.
The football club chose CYREN WebSecurity through VCW Security, a leading UK distributor of IT security solutions and new CYREN partner.
CYREN WebSecurity was chosen through VCW Security, a leading UK distributor of IT security solutions and new CYREN partner.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Six row VCW on Guradiya river.
About VCW Security Ltd We are specialists in the distribution and marketing of IT security products, distributing a variety of solutions and services to end-user companies via the reseller channel.
Garcia HH, Gilman RH, Catacora M, Verastegui M, Gonzales AE, Tsang VCW, et al.