VCXVirtual Channel Crossconnect
VCXVoice Core Exchange
VCXVirtual Component Exchange
VCXVersatility Certificate Excellent (dog breeding)
VCXVersatility Companion Excellent (dogs)
VCXVietnam China Express (shipping industry)
VCXVacuum Coolant Exchanger (product)
VCXVariably Charged X (chromosome)
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F (X) = [zeta] + AX [[alpha].sub.1]x/ [[alpha].sub.0] + [[alpha].sub.1]x + [[alpha].sub.2]v + [[alpha].sub.3]xv v[B.sub.1]X + vCX, (8)
In our patient, chromosomal microarray revealed the recurrent ~2 Mb deletion, which included the following genes: STS, PUDP, MIR4767, VCX, PNPLA4, and MIR651.
HCP and VCX devices are employed under the frequencies of 1000 Hz, 2700 Hz, 7400 Hz, and 20000 Hz.
SkyLIGHT VCX, the industry's first performance assurance controller employing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to bring advanced monitoring capabilities network-wide, without the need for expensive, high-end test equipment.
After thawing, all of vacuum packed were opened and then using a sensitive scale, 0.05 gram of the mucosal small intestine was weighed and along with 10 ml liter phosphate buffer saline (pH=7) was formed into a homogenized solution using sonic Vibracell Sonics (VCX 130 TE USA) device [15].
* VFPExport Runtime MetaData Processing - Most Visual FoxPro projects contain VCX forms and other objects having properties which are only set at runtime.
Voice over IP is provided by a 3Com V7005 VCX IP telephony solution, scalable up to 55,000 users.
Polycom phones will be seamlessly integrated with all 3Com VoIP platforms, including the newly announced 3Com(R) VCX(TM) Connect 100, VCX Connect 200 and 3Com Asterisk Appliance, as well as its existing 3Com VCX Enterprise system, including a 3Com IP Telephony Solution for IBM System i.
For 1996-1998, VCx Enforce is also negative, but with a p-value of 0.1949.
The 3Com VCX IP telephony module was first introduced in 2003 for large enterprises.
Users benefit from proven interoperability with the 3Com VCX IP Telephony solution, which delivers call management and networking control services.