VCXOVoltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
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The VCXO schematic also includes the BST capacitor, its control circuit, whereas the 1 [micro]H coil is introduced in order to ensure an adequate adjustment range, centered on the 16.384 MHz frequency.
These highly integrated clocks eliminate the need for multiple clock devices and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) in demanding applications including small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS), m-BTS, baseband units (BBU) and fronthaul/backhaul equipment.
Epson's VG-4513 VCXO is an essential and proven component in this solution.
VCXO is offering a free 30-minute - no commitment consultation for all companies.
In response to demand for VCXO devices used for the clock function in image signal processors built into handheld devices such as digital terrestrial broadcast receiver units.
"At the other end of the frequency spectrum, this same 3.3 Volt VCXO easily handles phase-locked loop applications right up to 125 MHz."
An excellent design requires the VCXO (for a multiple-PLL-based SPDIF receiver) or crystal oscillator (for a sample-rate-converter-based system) to be close to the latches that drive the DACs.
provides frequency coverage from 1 kHz to 1 GHz with TCXO, OCXO and VCXO oscillators, crystal and lumped element filters, frequency synthesizer products, acoustic memories and delay devices.
Alternately, the sample clock can be sourced from an on-board programmable VCXO (Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) where the front panel coaxial connector can be used to provide a 10 MHz reference clock to phase-lock the internal oscillator.
Cardinal Components, Inc., is introducing the CJ Series of factory-configurable oscillators "XO" and voltage-controlled oscillators "VCXO".
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 20, 2005 - (JCN) - Epson Toyocom Corporation announced December 20 that it will release a new series of voltage-controlled X'tal (crystal) oscillators (VCXO) that support mobile handsets capable of receiving terrestrial digital TV broadcasts.