VCZVolonterski Centar Zagreb (Croatian: Volunteer Center Zagreb; Zagreb, Croatia)
VCZVan Cittert-Zernike Theorem
VCZVirtual Cash Zone (web store)
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The crystal structure of rat's 3[alpha]-HSD containing [NADP.sup.+] and testosterone (PDB id 1afs [15]) was used as a docking target for steroid substrate DIOL, TEB, TRI, and VCZ. These chemical structures were obtained from PubChem ( as ligands.
Data were subjected to an analysis by ANOVA followed by ad hoc Tukey's comparison to identify significant differences between the control (CON) and TEB, TRI, or VCZ group.
As presented in Figure 1(b), when the highest concentration (100 [micro]M) was tested, TEB and TRI inhibited rat's 5[alpha]-Red1 to 26.94 [+ or -] 5.30% and 19.31 [+ or -] 3.6% of the control value, respectively, but VCZ only to 74.17 [+ or -] 5.57% of the control value.
After detection of the optimum in situ gel compositions sodium alginate of different concentrations (0.1%, 0.3%, and 0.5%) and for each formulations same concentration of VCZ were added in poloxamer solutions with continuous stirring until completely dissolved.
In physical stability studies, VCZ loaded in situ gels were stored at 5[+ or -]1[degrees]C in the refrigerator and 25[+ or -]2[degrees]C and 40[+ or -]2[degrees]C for 3 months in the stability cabinets (Nuve, Turkey).
In situ gel formulations in the presence or absence of VCZ were prepared at Laminar air flow Cabinet (Haier HR40-IIA2).
If it yielded significant differences, the differences between the vehicle control group and each of the MT groups or the positive control group and each of the VCZ and p,p'-DDE groups were analyzed by Dunnett's test.
No significant differences in body weight were observed between the positive control group that received TP injections alone and the VCZ group in any of the laboratories.
The ventral prostate weight changes at 100 mg/kg/day VCZ relative to the positive control ranged from 27% to 37%.
He could not achieve hematologic remission by day 15 (33rd day of treatment protocol) and on day 17, VCZ was added as a second antifungal agent due to worsening clinical condition.
Because the patients' clinical situation worsened, in two patients VCZ was added to antifungal therapy empirically one and three days before the agent was detected.