VD1Variable Domain 1
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In the Development dimension a bigger gap is seen between Brazilians and Peruvians in item VD1 (Establish and maintain performance management): whereas for Brazilians the attributed importance is high (73.
retirement, redundancy) VR6 Engage non-core and temporary staff VD Development VD1 Establish and maintain performance management VD2 Establish opportunities to enhance individual capability (e.
VS3 and a neutral wire of the generator and is by-passed with reverse to conduction direction of the circuit diode VD1.
Additional transformer winding N3 connected to the rectifier bridge VD1 is used to control the output voltage and, together with the signal voltage of the midpoint of the half-bridge, is involved in the detection algorithm of approach to the capacitive current character of the resonant LLC circuit.
VT4--power transistors, controlled through drivers DD1 and DD2 (by one double driver for the half-bridge); VD1 .