VD1Variable Domain 1
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Los resultados de la prueba t de Student (tabla 6) apuntan hacia la existencia de una significatividad estadistica en las diferencias entre los dos modelos pedagogicos comparados, en las dimensiones: "Aprovechamiento de clase" (VD1), "Motivacion" (VD3), "Ubicuidad" (VD4) y "Satisfaccion" (VD6).
Frequency of each consistency degree Dimensions Items Median No consistency Weak Medium Strong VA VA1 4.00 1 13 129 157 VA2 4.00 0 15 117 168 VB1 3.00 33 37 97 133 VB VB2 3.00 27 44 110 119 VB3 3.00 26 90 116 68 VC VC1 3.00 40 95 113 52 VD VD1 2.00 124 28 110 38 P (a) P (b) P (c) P (d) P (e) P (f) P (g) Dimensions VA -- 0.602 -- ** ** VB ** ** 0.520 -- ** ** ** ** -- VC ** ** ** ** 0.003 -- VD ** ** ** ** ** 0.006 -- VA: diagnosis, VA1: TCM diagnosis, and VA2: MM diagnosis; VB: syndrome differentiation and treatment, VBf: syndrome differentiation, VB2: treatment strategy, and VB3: recipe medicinal; VC = VC1: other therapeutic method; VD = VD1: prevention; Notes.
When switch S1 is in left position (the mode of short circuit for photodiode FD1) voltage of the output DA2 is lower than the voltage of "virtual ground" [U.sub.z1], so diode VD1 is locked and R1 is not affected on functioning of DA2.
The two grafts with the highest frequency of the Vd1 subset (donors of 1599 and 1620) were both CMV positive in contrast to the other two tested grafts (Table 1 and Figure 1).
Supagraf[R] Premier, JAMES WALKER's world leading compression packing, has beaten TA-Luft VD1 2440 emission control requirements by a significant margin to gain an outstanding rating in independent tests carried out at the Amtec laboratory in Germany.
In the Development dimension a bigger gap is seen between Brazilians and Peruvians in item VD1 (Establish and maintain performance management): whereas for Brazilians the attributed importance is high (73.8%), the perceived current capacity is very low; the Peruvians perceived the importance and current capacity at almost the same high levels (87.4% and 86.2%, respectively).
Top range VD1 cardamom sells at around US$7.80 per kilogram (2.2 pounds), vs.
technical task for purchase: system vd1 krov 61-071-du600-h-00750/04-u1 (or equivalent) number characteristics roof-mounted smoke exhaust fan complete with: - mounting smoke removal cup with built-in valve for ctam 402 exhaust hood 71-n 1 pc
Among the strengthened beams, it is observed that the VC1 has maximum load 11% higher than the beam VB2 and 14% higher than the VD1. These indices show that the presence of the cement-based composite in the entire extension of the span improves the load capacity of the part.
VS3 and a neutral wire of the generator and is by-passed with reverse to conduction direction of the circuit diode VD1. To put system in action, an initial current impulse an excitation winding is needed.
More controlled performance can be obtained by separately biasing Vd1 and Vd2 each at 4.5 V and 65 mA.
In this context, We have recently identified that the interaction between the cytoskeletal molecules vinculin and talin can be inhibited by a vinculin fragment (vd1) which blocks cell response to mechanical forces, And the activation of the major oncogene yap that occurs in tissues with abnormally high mechanical stiffness.