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VDAVerband Der Automobilindustrie E.V. (German Automobile Industry Association)
VDAVendor Driven Architecture
VDAOvda, Israel (Airport Code)
VDAVirginia Department for the Aging
VDAVirtual Desktop Access (Windows)
VDAVoluntary Disclosure Agreement (taxes)
VDAVirginia Dental Association
VDAVisual Data Analysis
VDAVirginia Department of Agriculture
VDAVapor Deposited Aluminum
VDAViewer Discretion Advised
VDAVampire Dark Ages (roleplaying game)
VDAVacuum Deposited Aluminum
VDAVertical Descent Angle
VDAVampire/Donor Alliance
VDAVisual Discriminatory Acuity
VDAVertical Danger Angle
VDAVice-Dean / Academic
VDAVariable Depth Array
VDAVehicle Diagnostic Agent
VDAViewdata Corporation
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This is the seventh time that the VDA has initiated a German pavilion here at the Auto Expo in New Delhi with the slogan "Made in Germany".
VDA also provides lake management services, a new route-based service line for Rentokil North America.
The VDA program is a rigorous but fair process, said Delaware Secretary of State Jeff Bullock.
FHWA's project focused on using the VDA Framework to support planning for operations, including the use of data from the framework as input to planning for operations analysis and simulation tools.
Most states do not permit a VDA in situations where the taxpayer has already been identified by the state for audit.
The market intelligence firm forecasts that annual enterprise VDA system shipments will also more than triple during the same period.
Also according to the AIM, "The VDA provides the pilot with information not previously available on non-precision approaches.
But, since we're discussing following that VDA, it might be good to take another look at what the chart tells you about possible obstacles, especially since Jeppesen and AeroNav do it differently.
In order to qualify for the benefits under the new VDA Program, companies are required to:
Ever since the introduction of VDA 19, the task of monitoring technical part cleanliness has grown vastly in importance--not only in the automotive industry.
Around 226,600 new cars were registered last month, an decrease of five percent year-on-year, the German auto industry federation VDA calculated in its monthly statistics.
New Delhi, July 17 -- VDA QMC (German Association of the Automotive Industry - Quality-Management-Center) has appointed TE[pounds sterling]V SE[pounds sterling]D South Asia- Academy Division as its partner to deliver approved VDA 6.