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VDAVerband Der Automobilindustrie E.V. (German Automobile Industry Association)
VDAVendor Driven Architecture
VDAOvda, Israel (Airport Code)
VDAVirginia Department for the Aging
VDAVirtual Desktop Access (Windows)
VDAVoluntary Disclosure Agreement (taxes)
VDAVirginia Dental Association
VDAVisual Data Analysis
VDAVirginia Department of Agriculture
VDAVapor Deposited Aluminum
VDAViewer Discretion Advised
VDAVampire Dark Ages (roleplaying game)
VDAVacuum Deposited Aluminum
VDAVertical Descent Angle
VDAVampire/Donor Alliance
VDAVisual Discriminatory Acuity
VDAVertical Danger Angle
VDAVice-Dean / Academic
VDAVariable Depth Array
VDAVehicle Diagnostic Agent
VDAViewdata Corporation
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680 VDA is quickly gaining notoriety among many users in the Metalworking industry," stated Daryl Adams, Lead Product Manager.
In order to qualify for the benefits under the new VDA Program, companies are required to:
In the last month there has been no improvement in sight on the Western European car market," the VDA said.
We've already said we're expecting more headwind this year," VDA chief Matthias Wissmann noted.
Wissmann said VDA anticipated more growth next year to include the major
European car sales fell by 12 per cent on the year in April, according to VDA statistics, although this was in part attributable to a later Easter holiday and lower number of workdays.
This extends our strong patent portfolio for VDA that now includes a total of seven issued United States patents.
As with amnesty, VDA programs may be offered pursuant to legislative authority or administrative grace, (54) and may or may not remain in effect during amnesty.
VDA plans three events this year and already held one in March, again on the state's eastern shore.
The VDA publications used in this article represent some of the oldest research ever completed on Canada's German speakers.
The facility is housing a full complement of Mecano vision technology machinery, including the VDA G2 camera scanning system, VRA veneer roughness analyzer, VCS green clipper scanner, Vantage moisture meter, and the Patchman automatic patching machine.
It also intends to build a publishing tool to make it easier to adapt the VDA.