VDABVlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding
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With the enhanced follow-up on jobseekers' actual search efforts and the co-operation agreement between ONEM, VDAB, FOREM, ORBEM and Arbeitsamt, the authorities have laid the cornerstone of a most welcome change in mentality towards a direct link between the right of receiving UB and professional placement help on the one hand and the obligation of getting back to work as quickly as possible on the other.
In 2003 the VDAB (Flemish Region) reported 6736 cases, the ORBEM (Brussels) 3158 and the FOREM (Walloon Region) 596.
Bruto en netto effecten van training en opleiding bij VDAB, VDAB, Brussels.
The pilot's success led VDAB to deploy job-listing kiosks at more than 300 sites.
Ten universities in Flanders, Belgium, also have kiosks, where students can search for information regarding working abroad, job contracts and other VDAB services.
The solid cleaning tasks include the total organization and implementation by the service of cleaning (including materials and cleaning products), and must be performed in VDAB offices mentioned in section 2.
The temporary cleaning jobs include replacing absent VDAB cleaning staff with sufficient and appropriate cleaning staff of the service and should be performed in any Gumtree plant in the province of Antwerp in accordance with the call of the VDAB.
This is an easy information access point that brings together different relevant actors for job seekers (Actiris, VDAB Brussel, Brussels Training as key partners, but also "secondary" partners such as PMS, etc.