VDAGVideo Disc Advisory Group
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Measurements of AG distance to neighboring structures: After the detection of AG on axial reformat images, the distances between AG and esophagus (ODAG), vertebral column (VDAG), inferior vena cava (IVCDAG), abdominal aorta (AADAG) and diaphragm (DDAG) were measured.
A statistically significant relationship was observed in all parameters when parameters were compared between males and females (P<0.05) except right CTAG and IVCDAG; left HAG, VAG, CTAG, LTAG and VDAG values (Table IV).
When VDAG, ODAG, IVCCAG, AADAG and DDAG values were compared between males and females in age groups a significant relationship (p<0.05) was found between right and left side in all individuals and age groups.