VDATSVersatile Diagnostic Automatic Test Station (cybersecurity)
VDATSVirtual Deficiency Analysis and Tracking System (system of systems test activities tracking)
VDATSVersatile Depot Automatic Test Station (first approved family of testers for the US Air Force)
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Since 2007, the versatile depot automatic test station (VDATS) has been the favored ATS for any new Air Force weapon system.
Separately, Geotest-Marvin Test Systems has developed the PXI-based GBATS ATS (Figure 3) with similar capabilities to VDATS and RT-CASS.
To avoid further proliferation, the base developed the versatile depot automatic test station (VDATS).
The present VDATS includes a general-purpose RF switching assembly supplied by Giga-tronics.
"We suggested using a common-core based solution from the Series 8800 family that supports the existing VDATS RF switching capability but also provides a modular platform that can be scaled and reconfigured in a number of ways: