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VDBVariable Declining Balance
VDBVereinigung Deutsche Backtechnik (Union German Baking Technology)
VDBVested Dual Benefit
VDBVoluntary Denied Boarding (airlines official term for being bumped)
VDBVideo Distribution Box
VDBVerein Deutscher Bibliothekare eV
VDBVariable Default Boundary (finance)
VDBVoltage Driven Breakdown
VDBVideo Display Buffer
VDBVendor Burned Down
VDBVan Der Bauwede (watch maker)
VDBVisual Database Systems
VDBVirtual Database
VDBVerification Data Base
VDBVictor David Brenner (designer's initials on US pennies)
VDBVehicle Distribution Box
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Despite a tradition of artists' signing their names or initials in coinage, controversy arising from the prominence of the VDB initials resulted in their removal that same year.
If you express life in days rather than years, you can use VDB to calculate exact depreciation by month or quarter.
If you find el VDB with one of the serial numbers, remove the vehicle ground cable if the VDB is inside the vehicle--following the instructions in WP 0582 00 in TM 9-2350-294 20-1-4.
And Beckham had a Porsche with the registration R771 VDB when he started dating Posh three years ago.
To kick off their joint multi-million-pound business, the Beckhams have formed their own company, VDB - the initials of Victoria, David and their child Brooklyn.
The partnership framework will provide VDB access to Citibank's international funding and capital markets channels, cash management, international banking and treasury services, as well as training, the New York-based bank said.
But a blue flag still fluttered above the castle last night bearing the initials VDB - Victoria, David and their son Brooklyn.
ZXTM VDB Intelligently Connects Remote Desktops, Assuring Security, Availability and Regulatory Compliance --
The contract is divided into three (3) Each geographical areas: area VKB, area KTK and area VDB.
The next phase of the project will be funded from international financial institutions through VDB with US EXIM guarantee as a part of one billion credit line committed by US EXIM to VDB for the wind power program in the Mekong delta.
The DFS will conduct a site investigation (Site Survey) to determine suitable sites for VDB antenna and GNSS antennas.
Among the highlights of the auction was a 1909-S VDB PCGS MS65 RED that sold for $15,525 and is one of America's most highly collected coins.