VDCCVoltage-Gated Calcium Channel
VDCCVirus-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
VDCCVoltage-Dependent Calcium Channels
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2000) have shown that animals in which VDCCs have been antagonized increase the number of reference memory errors (RMEs) they make after a 7-10 day period in which they have not been in the maze - animals treated with saline or the NMDAr antagonist, MK801, do not increase their errors.
Here we hypothesized that blocking the NMDARs would impair short-term retention (24 hours), and blocking the VDCCs would impair long-term retention (10 days) in a fear conditioning paradigm where context and tone are paired with mild footshock.
Ca] channels appear not only to integrate the output from several signaling cascades but also arrest VDCC activation to relax SMCs.
In this study, we provided the first evidence that the vasorelaxant effects of baicalin could be mainly attributed to VDCC inhibition and [BK.
Ca]-channel inhibitor IbTX, VDCC activator Bay K8644, and PKC activator PMA-induced contractions at concentrations [greater than or equal to] 30 [micro]M.
In this study, we observed that baicalin attenuated the VDCC current in a concentration-dependent manner, and it also abolished the [Ca.