VDCSVehicle Dynamics Control System (automobile traction control)
VDCSVehicle Dynamics Control System
VDCSVirtual Data Center Services (US GSA)
VDCSVan Delden Consulting & Services (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles)
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first Virtual Data Centre (VDC) --Nebula, at an Iftar gathering under the patronage of Dr Salim bin Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO -- Information Technology Authority.
Oman Data Park (ODP), sultanate's first managed Services and Cloud Services provider, introduced Oman's first Virtual Data Centre (VDC) - Nebula.
At the time of study, there were 4 municipalities, 5 electoral consistencies, and 31 VDCs, among which 5 VDCs lie in hilly region [19].
Drawing on the expertise and synergies gained from our array of complementary IT Infrastructure Services, the Group is capitalising on exciting opportunities through our VDCs - vibrant, self-contained and scalable ecosystems or communities - starting with the e-commerce and e-logistics industries.
Because four of the six silicon acquisitions came from Wacker, this material was named WS1 and was used as the feedstock for diffraction crystals used in the NIST VDCS and at the high-resolution flat-crystal gamma-ray (GAMS4) facility at the ILL.
Thus, in the 10 pilot districts, there was a mix of VDCs where RCM was conducted using paper forms or mobile phones.
Due to the unknown effects of vitamin D and calcium supplementation (VDCS) on the risk of developing hypercalciuria and subsequent de novo stone formation, we examined the impact of maintenance doses of vitamin D (VD) and calcium on urinary calcium excretion and de novo stone development in VDI patients with a history of urolithiasis.
While both CFUGs and VDCs are known to contribute to local development for a wide range of rural citizens, important differences exist amongst them: i) while all citizens have the right to be represented by and receive services from the VDC, only members can expect to influence CFUGs and access their services, ii) only VDC officials are required by law to be elected through universal suffrage and secret balloting (as opposed to CFUG executive committees).
Our study fills this gap by taking nominal gross domestic savings, nominal exchange rate, and foreign direct investment, trade openness index into consideration and using battery time series techniques such as autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) model, variance decomposition (VDCs) and impulse response functions (IRFs) to show the shocks of stock price index on macroeconomic variables.
Create Virtual Private Data centers (VDCs) within the physical resource pool.
Dubai: The Heavy Vehicles Defects Clearing System (VDCS), which was recently launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in cooperation with Dubai Police, will reduce accidents significantly, RTA has announced.
The report further stated that at least six Village Development Committees (VDCs) are without electricity for the past two days.