VDDIVirtual Drug Development, Inc. (Internet-based pharmaceuticals)
VDDIVictorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative (Australia; est. 2002)
VDDIVitamin D Deficiency/Insufficiency
VDDIVentricule Droit Double Issue (French: Right Ventricle Double Issue; cardiology)
VDDIVerband der Deutschen Dental-Industrie eV (Germany)
VDDIValue-Driven Design Institute (Urbana, IL)
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Under the terms of the agreement, VDDI claims sole and exclusive ownership of ILB's worldwide patent portfolio for reverse antimicrobial medical peptide technology and retains all rights for human, veterinary and agricultural applications.
The acquisition culminates a year-long collaborative research agreement between VDDI and ILB that established the proof of principle for the technology for use in human and animal infectious diseases.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center will also occupy 8,000 square feet for a biotech business incubator and VDDI Pharmaceuticals, developers of products in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease and infectious disease will occupy 2,000 square feet initially, with the potential to add an additional 2,000 square feet.
commercialization and has resulted in a true breakthrough for the pharmaceutical industry," said Stephen Porter, president and CEO of VDDI.
Another key component of AmphiBiotics partnership is the recent portfolio of patents that VDDI has acquired from Interlink Biotechnologies.
Under the terms of the agreement, ILB will provide VDDI with access to ILB's patents and extensive know-how related to peptides with increased stability to degradation by proteases.
We are very pleased to have VDDI as a drug development partner," said Nicholas P.
In collaboration with PPD Discovery, and The University of Alabama, VDDI has developed a preclinical and clinical strategy in accordance with these new regulations, and will discuss this strategy with the FDA at a pre-IND meeting to be scheduled.
VDDI will use the HHS Small Business Innovation Research Grant to develop a NADs inhibitor.
Southwest Michigan First and WMU will foster the technology as VDDI develops the drug Xemilofiban.
In 2001 we made strategic investments to further develop our metabolomics platform, MetaVantage(TM), and to adapt it to drug discovery and development, which has already yielded good results, as evidenced by our recent announcements with Duke University Medical Center and VDDI.
and VDDI Pharmaceuticals today announced a research and development collaboration for the development of antibiotics for the treatment of gram-positive bacterial infections.