VDECVLSI Design and Education Center (University of Tokyo)
VDECVermont Department of Environmental Conservation
VDECVessel Data Exchange Center (Denmark)
VDECVoluntary Deductible Employee Contribution (pension)
VDECVas Deferens Epithelial Cells
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And, since Verdi offers many advanced capabilities, we expect it will not only be an important educational tool, but the preferred debug tool for digital circuit designs at VDEC as well.
By providing access to best-in-class tools and practical hands-on experiences, VDEC is effectively preparing its staff and users to meet the challenges of semiconductor design complexity.
As an intellectual education center on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology, VDEC aims at improvements of instruction on VLSI design and supports on VLSI chip fabrication for national universities, public universities, private universities and colleges in Japan.
One of the ways VDEC promotes the education of VLSI design in Japan is by providing a VLSI chip fabrication environment.
We will work very closely with VDEC to increase the awareness and understanding of our value proposition so customers can achieve continued success in their SoC architecture transformation," says Phil Casini, vice president of marketing at Sonics.
VDEC performs various kinds of activities including exchange of VLSI design information as IPs, and provision of CAD software and licenses supporting chip design and fabrication.
Many software licenses are issued through VDEC via nine branches in Japan.
The addition of VDEC to the membership roster adds to the tremendous support that OCP-IP has already enjoyed throughout Japan and the rest of Asia, and adds to membership including Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC), FueTrek, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Zuken, SIPAC, Governing Steering Committee member, Toshiba, and several leading universities.
It makes it much easier to realize IP macro exchange among various VDEC users," said Masahiro Fujita Professor, VLSI Design and Education Center.
Kunihiro Asada, head of VDEC and professor of electronics at the University of Tokyo.
Founded in 1996, VDEC planned and delivered advanced computer-aided design tools for VLSI design, design technology, test chip production, design seminars and research conferences.