VDEFVirtual Default Filesystem Driver
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washer (spring waster, material: mtrl, noto be vdef; equipment: b004597gt) (or equivalent) - 96pcs 102 pcs.
Project Description : The proposed project involves financing of up to US$50 million to Dragon Capital Group ( DCG ), a holding company for the Dragon Capital group of companies, with total assets of US$233 million as of December 2015, and its subsidiary Vietnam Debt Fund SPC ( VDeF ) and collectively with DCG, the Company ).
As of today, DCG is the only foreign manager in Vietnam with significant fixed-income operations through its subsidiary VDeF. DCG also offers investment banking services with an exclusive focus on the Vietnamese capital markets, through its affiliate Hochiminh City Securities (HSC), the No-2 stock broker by market share.
The proposed project amount is up to $50 million to be financed as a senior secured loan to DCG and VDeF.