VDELVenereal Disease Experimental Laboratory
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VDEL GmbH, headquartered in Vienna Austria, is the leading IT Services Distribution company in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia.
The environments in which VDEL occurs are as shown in table 1.
We will take note of certain quirks in the VDEL `rule' such as the observation that the positive form of the modal (vee)num loses its -v- (and the following vowel) but the negative form veendaam does not (no.
As noted, LT has its own `spelling pronunciation' based on the orthography of the literary dialect and does not exhibit the phenomenon of VDEL, so its occurrence is one of the clear indicators that the speech specimen is a token of ST rather than LT.
The weak/strong distinction is expressed with the same tense-lax consonantal contrasts in other areas of Tamil morphology, and it is in some of these that we can find crucial examples related to intervocalic VDEL.
In the increasingly competitive and regulated commercial sector it is also a priority for organizations," said Milan Prohaska, managing director, VDEL.
VDEL is a Services Distribution company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with subsidiaries in Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland; Belgrade, Serbia and Limassol, Cyprus.
VDEL Alliance is a value-added partner network established to deliver selected products that increases customer value.
VDEL originally selected ACCPAC because of the software's ease of use, rich functionality and flexibility.
Among VDEL clients now using ACCPAC solutions are several internationally recognizable clients including Shell Chemicals, Olympus and Dell Systems.
Milan Prohaska, member of the VDEL Board of Directors, noted: "We have transformed our business to become a distributor on the back of a very strong, internationally recognized product.
As ACCPAC's Russian distributor, VDEL will be recruiting and supporting new and existing business partners, as well as taking a leading role in marketing and promotional activities for ACCPAC solutions.