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VDFVisual DataFlex (programming language)
VDFVascular Disease Foundation
VDFVigili Del Fuoco (Italian Fire Brigade)
vdfVerlag der Fachvereine
VDFVirginia Department of Forestry
VDFVariable Digital Filter
VDFVillage Defence Force (India)
VDFVacuum Dewatered Flooring (construction)
VDFVertical Diffusion Furnace (semiconductor manufacturing)
VDFVirus Definitions File
VDFVereinigte Drehbank-Fabriken (Germany)
VDFVariable Data Field
VDFVery High Frequency Direction Finding System
VDFVehicle Deployment Function
VDFVoltage Divider Formula (electronics)
VDFVidange de Fond (French)
VDFVirginia Defense Force (Richmond, VA)
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Em pessoas treinadas ou em atletas durante o exercicio, ocorre aumento da FE porque aumenta o VDF e diminui o VSF.
Para as avaliacoes clinica e VDF, foi oferecido a crianca bario liquido, na medida de 1,3,5 ml no utensilio utilizado pela mesma.
A new air-operated, VDF adjustable spray nozzle controls the spraying of liquids and/or fine powders for coating tablets, pills, pellets, candy, foods, metals, and so forth.
The VDF recognizes that, in today's economy, physical and financial assets aren't the only types of assets used to create wealth but acknowledges that customer, organizational, and employee/supplier assets are also important.
Parat makes a top-quality precision toolpost that it supplies to VDF and Boehringer.
These deep hole drills were installed on a Laker Craven 100 deep hole drilling machine and the boring bars on three different CNCs: a Mori-Seiki LL7, a VDF 800U, and a Cincinnati Milacron Center 18U, all 50 hp.
A&P provides a freestanding, self-serve bread case, and VDF supplies the dough for in-store baking.
The T-530 grade has hard-segment end groups made up of TFE-ethylene-HFP, while T-630 has VDF end groups.
The synthesis of the P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer, with mole fractions of VDF 75% and TrFE 25%, was done at KUREHA, Japan.
Aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions containing a polyol comprising at least one long chain residue and method for producing them (a composition comprising i) one or more polyols containing at least one long chain residue, ii) a fluoropolymer comprising repeating units derived from TFE, VDF, HFP or a combination thereof and methods of making it and uses thereof.
Youngsters coming to join the VDF responded despite threats of underground groups against joining the force.