VDGIFVirginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
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"We are creating or improving openings by encouraging high-quality forage to grow," explained David Kalb, VDGIF elk project leader.
Nelson Lafon, deer project coordinator for the VDGIF, says deer hunting is an "economical, practical, effective means of controlling free-ranging deer populations on a landscape scale" Deer hunting, says the biologist, is necessary to maintain the integrity of our ecosystems, and hunters have taken the place of predators in the modern landscape.
Unfortunately, the proposals and the VDGIF study process were roundly criticized across the spectrum of dog-hunting stakeholders.
"We are currently in a holding pattern with regard to implementing the recommendations from the (SAC)," said Nelson Lafon, VDGIF Deer Project coordinator.
The authors thank Mike Pinder; Wildlife Diversity Division, VDGIF, Blacksburg, Virginia and Roberta Hylton and Shane Hanlon; Southwest Virginia Field Office, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Abingdon, Virginia, for funding this research.
With support from the Service, TWRA, and VDGIF, researchers from the USGS/Biological Resources Division at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University have worked diligently to develop captive propagation techniques for endangered and threatened mussels.
In 1998, the VDGIF established the Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Research Center to expand propagation activities.
The VDGIF undertook a study on hound hunting in 2005 that addressed numerous concerns over the practice from non-hunters and hunters.
started releasing elk near the southwestern border of Virginia, officials with VDGIF gave hunters the green light to shoot elk on sight, a move that angered the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, as well as members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which spent over $2 million on restoration efforts.
A newcomer to the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), Jaime Sajecki has served as the black bear project leader for the past year.
The VDGIF and the National Park Service led the investigation with the help of the U.S.