VDHAVerband Deutscher Haushueter Agenturen (German: Association of German Housekeeping Agencies; Münster, Germany)
VDHAVirginia Deer Hunters Association (est. 1985)
VDHAVirginia Development Housing Authority (Richmond, VA)
VDHAVermont Dental Hygienists' Association (est. 1955; American Dental Hygienists’ Association; Williston, VT)
VDHAVietnam Dog Handler Association
VDHAVirginia Dental Hygienists' Association
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Her mentor, Cathy Berard, BSDH, RDH, VDHA co-chair of the Public Health, Education and Professional Affairs Council, provided instrumental support, having coached Herrara ever since they first met when Herrara was component legislative chair and Berard was VDHA chair of the Governmental and Professional Affairs Council.
She said that it became the mission of the VDHA to educate them on the issue, and to stress the importance of preventive care.
Each participant had the opportunity to meet with their legislators, tour the capitol, and listen as representatives introduced VDHA in both the Senate and House chambers.