VDIBAVisual Designer for IBasic
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Figure 3 shows the plot of [I.sub.z] versus [V.sub.in] for the proposed VDIBA. It is shown in Fig.
DC voltage characteristic of Vw- and Vz against Vin for the proposed VDIBA are shown in Fig.
Figure 6 depicts the frequency performance of the proposed VDIBA. From Fig.
In Table II, the introduced VDIBA has been compared to the other VDIBA circuits in previous works.
Therefore, other VDIBA structures exhibit better performance.
For the proposed and conventional [13] VDIBA, the dynamic input range of OTA and IBA stages are shown in Fig.
The designed VDIBA based current controlled universal filter structure is displayed in Fig.
Also, [g.sub.m] values of VDIBA are chosen as 65 [micro]S.
In this study, a novel low voltage low power VDIBA based on bulk-driven quasi floating-gate technique and level shifter current mirror has been suggested.
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