VDISVoluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme
VDISVermont Diabetes Information System (now Vermedx Diabetes Information System)
VDISVermedx Diabetes Information System
VDISVideo Demonstration Information Sheet (DARPA)
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In this section I test whether firms voluntarily where voluntary disclosure is (1) voluntary disclosure (VDIS) and (2) VDIS deflated by the lowest CIFAR of a country (LOWCIFAR).
The results using VDIS are shown in Panel A and the results using VDIS deflated by LOWCIFAR are shown in Panel B.
The scheme also came in for criticism since declarations made under VDIS 1997 were not admissible as evidence against the person availing of it for prosecution under the Income Tax Act, the Wealth Tax Act or the Companies Act, 1956.
Another grey area of the scheme was that bullion and antiques purchased or acquired in the past could be declared under VDIS 1997.
If test results are outside of the target range, VDIS generates an Alert Letter that informs the patient of the results and implications, and urges a follow-up appointment.
VDIS assists physicians in keeping updated on the status and progress of their total diabetic population by sending them quarterly Population Reports.