VDJVereinigung Demokratischer Juristinnen Und Juristen
VDJVariable Diversity Joining (biochemistry)
VDJVoices of Development Jurists (International Development Law Organization)
VDJVirtual Disc Jockey (music mixing software)
VDJVariable-Diversity-Junctional (genes)
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Once scientists recognized VDJ recombination, a discovery that earned a Nobel prize, they began to wonder how cells accomplish it.
Scientists studying VDJ recombination noticed that flanking each V, D, and J gene segment were brief DNA sequences that resemble those on which transposases operate.
The transposon connection grew stronger in around 1989 when Schatz and his colleagues isolated two genes that drive VDJ recombination.
A high frequency of circulating B cells share clonotypic Ig heavy-chain VDJ rearrangements with autologous bone marrow plasma cells in multiple myeloma, as measured by single-cell and in situ reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction.
If the monoclonal B-cell population has a VDJ rearrangement, a restriction enzyme cleavage site is also deleted, resulting in a larger fragment of DNA detected by the [J.
If a VDJ rearrangement occurs, the proximity of the V and J segments allows for the synthesis of an amplified DNA product.
AFTER a successful first All Out Thursday, Cocoon Lounge plans to go all out again when VDJ Peekaboo gets behind the decks tomorrow night.
The clonal T-cell rearrangement was also confirmed by complete sequencing of the VDJ rearrangement.
VDJ Peekaboo has a style for keeping everyone moving to his unique and energetic beats all night long.
Heteroduplex analysis of VDJ amplified segments from rearranged IGH genes for clonality assessments in B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: a comparison between different strategies.
Both FR3A and FR2 included the use of a semi-nested doublestep PCR protocol combined with the use of degenerated primers[8] This PCR strategy should allow amplification of the rearranged VDJ region of human IgH gene, in particular the hypervariable complementarity-determining region III (CDR III) and the variable region between framework (FR) II and FR IV.
Immunoglobulin H polymerase chain reaction amplification across the VDJ junction, using a consensus primer from the third V framework region and a consensus primer from the J region, on the DNA extracted from right breast biopsy specimen demonstrated gene rearrangement for heavy chain immunoglobulin H but not for BCL-2.