VDKVisual Development Kit
VDKVisual Dynamic Keyboard
VDKVisualization Deployment Kit
VDKVisual Dsp Kernel
VDKVideo Network Development Kit
VDKVolksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraeberfuersorge (German: German War Graves Agency; Germany)
VDKVan de Kamp's (food brand)
VDKVisualDSP++ Kernel (ADI)
VDKVersicherung Der Kraftfahrt (German: The Motor Insurance)
VDKVibration Dampener Kits (Vantec Thermal Technologies)
VDKVlaamse Diergeneeskundige Kring (Dutch: Flemish Veterinary Circle)
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A few e-mails later and it was all arranged--Rudolph was keen to return to VDK and I was delighted to have his knowledge and art-lure experience to call upon, and the chance to learn a few new 'tricks' along the way hopefully.
Its peripheral set includes two SPORT'S, a PPI, two SPI's, four general-purpose counters and a factory-programmed instruction ROM block containing the VDK RTOS and C-runtime libraries.
Complete Beer Twin Test package includes: IBU, Color, Alcohol by Volume, Density, Real & Apparent Extract, Real & Apparent Attenuation, pH, Calories, Total VDK (diacetyl precursor), optional add-ons include Total Esters & Fusel Alcohols, Dissolved Oxygen, Microbiological Assessment.
In West Germany the VDK had completed its work, but is now discovering and reburying war dead in the former East Germany.
there was a positive Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Venom Detection kit (VDk) result to Tiger snake or if not, reversal of envenoming with Tiger snake antivenom.
Offnung des Krankenhauswesens fur Kapitalinvestoren: Vortrag zum Sozialen Forum des Landesverban-des VDK Nordrhein-Westfalen Dusseldorf.
Visual Scabby Kernels (VSK), also defined as Visual Damaged Kernels (VDK) by Stack and Frohberg (2000), of ND 744 (8%) was significantly lower (P < 0.01) than scores recorded on 2398 (58%) and similar to 'Alsen' (PI 615543) (13%).
The anacubis Visualization Deployment Kit (VDK) enables organizations to extract relevant data from a wealth of in-house information sources, visualize it within a browser-based viewer and instantly discover important connections or intelligence.
"Our new vertical packaging is a first in the frozen seafood aisle," said Tony Bevilacqua, executive vice president of sales and marketing for VDK, part of Aurora Foods, Inc., of San Francisco, California.
VDK Frozen Foods Unveils New Package Designs For Van de Kamp's and Mrs.
VCON has introduced its VCON Development Kit (VDK) 4.0 software for the company's full line of videoconferencing codecs.