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VDMVirtual DOS Machine
VDMVirtual Device Metafile
VDMVerband der Deutschen Milchwirtschaft (German: The Round Table of the Dairy Industry)
VDMVehicle Dynamic Management (Lexus)
VDMVereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG
VDMVille de Montréal (French: City of Montreal; Canada)
VDMVoice Data Module
VDMVirtual Device Manager
VDMValve Demo Metafiles (Half-Life 2)
VDMVasodepressor Material
VDMVISSR/VAS Digital Multiplexer
VDMVerband de Deutschen Munzenhandler (Berlin, Germany)
VDMVerbi Dei Minister (Latin: Preacher of God's Word)
VDMVienna Development Method (formal development method similar to the Z language)
VDMVehicle Dynamics Model
VDMVitra Design Museum (est. 1989; Germany)
VDMVerband Deutscher Mineralbrunnen (German: Association of German Mineral Water)
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For Class I cavity preparation, total percentages for good and above performances for LDM and VDM (91.
To facilitate the sale Deutsche Bank has committed to underwrite the working capital of VDM Metals Group.
Target: VDM Metals GmbH, the stainless steel mill in Terni
Microban's antibacterial treatment is incorporated into the thermoplastic components of VDM Italy's trolleys and buckets at the point of manufacture, so cannot wear away and will work for the effective life of the product.
The VDM process provides a framework for thinking through and resolving such important problems and deciding such things as whether an individual is in the right field, the right organization, or in the part of the organization that fits the person's skills and competencies.
Further the rod affects the control mechanism of the motor VDM and sets its volume s in conformity with the rotary speed of the CSD input shaft.
These architectures include the VDM client from VMware, the ICA client from Citrix, and the RDP client from Microsoft.
VDM representation of the proposed algorithm facilitates automation of testing process without any ambiguity.
Ralf Schmitz of Germany's VDM notes in the World Mirror that the most-talked-about topic among Germany's nonferrous metals professionals is the amendment of EU waste shipment regulations, which he says, "have caused confusion and partially handicapped international trade.
Arteta and VDM have supreme skills and need to promote their expertise even more.
VDM was dragged off against Peterborough because he was at best, extremely poor.