VDNVerband der Netzbetreiber (German power grid association)
VDNVirtual Drive Network
VDNVideo Delivery Network
VDNVirtual Data Network
VDNVereinigte Deutsche Nickel-Werke AG (Germany)
VDNVector Directory Number
VDNVideo Delivery Network (website)
VDNVirtual Dialed Number
VDNVann Digital Networks (entertainment network)
VDNVector Defined Network
VDNVolunteer Driver Network (Georgia, USA)
VDNVoyage Document Number
VDNVector Directory Network
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Although little research on the kidney injury resulted from VC was reported, there are still evidences which indicate that, in the animal model induced by Vitamin D3 plus nicotine (VDN), not only was there large and middle arterial VC but also the calcium overload and micro-VC could be observed in kidney.[19] Thus, VC may be an important stimulus in the process of CKD.
Rats in the DN + VDN group showed arched back and piloerection, abdominal bulge, and tail ulcers at 12 weeks, and severe depression at 16 weeks.
The chunk signaling overhead of 20byte long SHA-1 hashes can grow up to 5MB for VDN, HL, XID, and XID-BF protocols.
In the rat groups that received NaHS (i.e., VDN + NaHS, VDN + Tm + NaHS, and VDN + PBA + NaHS), the NaHS was injected daily (56 [micro]mol/kg) during the 28 days of nicotine treatment.
Tulix is a vendor that falls into all these categories, as a one-stop shop that offers reliable video delivery network (VDN) services as well as all the components to a complete OTT solution.
Amongst the best VDN reds are Mas Amiel from Maury (Lea & Sandeman, slurp.co.uk) and Domaine de la Rectorie Banyuls (Tanners, Wine Society).
Other than VDN, in the 19th and early 20th century, Roussillon was known for what was called vin de consummation courante, or "here it is, drink it fast" wines.
The JPJeBid system began as a pilot project in April with the Putrajaya FC plate series, and the new format was then adopted for serial use starting with the Federal Territories, with the VDN plate series in June.
The firm, which employs 80 staff, has recently completely merged with its German parent company Alkor-Venilia, which purchased the company from VDN, also in Germany, in 2005.
Instead, Move is a new breed of company that I like to refer to as a video delivery network (VDN).
l (vdn), by adding grape spirit to the must to arrest fermentation in a process called "mutage".
The French equivalent to Port are the Vins Doux Naturels (VDN) from the deep South, which are lightly fortified white and red wines.