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VDOVarus Derotation Osteotomy
VDOVery Distant Object(s)
VDOVoltage Drop-Out
VDOVirtual Data Object (programming data model)
VDOVereinigte DEUTA-Ota (Villingen, Germany; gauge manufacturer founded 1929)
VDOValue-Driven Organization
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Albireo VDO uniquely combines scalability and performance with the industry's highest data reduction, enabling all customers to maximize the efficiency of their storage offerings.
Solutions using Red Hat Atomic Host, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Gluster Storage, and Red Hat Ceph Storage can all take full advantage of VDO data reduction capabilities.
The displays are connected to a new programmed data transmission line called the VDO Bus System.
Siemens VDO Automotive AG and Microsoft Corp will join forces to develop in-vehicle communication, information, entertainment and navigation products.
Believing that drive-by-wire systems and what they term "ecological" vehicles are just 15 years away from volume production, research has begun at Siemens VDO on an integrated wheel module that combines drive and dynamic functions.
The use of diesel is increasingly being viewed as a conservation technology to reduce the nation's oil consumption as clean diesel vehicles are 20 to 40 percent more fuel efficient and emit 10 to 20 percent less greenhouse gas than their gasoline counterparts," said Siemens VDO Sensors Division general manager Bret Sauerwein.
Siemens VDO Automotive is supporting this customer innovation by providing an advanced diesel engine control unit (ECU) and software that interfaces with Ford's vehicle system controller (VSC) architecture to optimize torque exchange between the diesel and electric powerplants," said Siemens VDO Automotive vice president of diesel systems for North America Julian Dench.
Despite the setback, VDO said it planned to extend its UK business in fuel, control and cockpit systems, creating 60 jobs.
DETROIT -- Siemens VDO is helping diesel customers meet impending emissions requirements across the globe with its diesel dosing exhaust aftertreatment system.
VDO Marine s instruments were first put into operation on deep sea fishing boats in Scandinavia.
Permabit has already delivered data efficiency technologies to OEMs via the data deduplication and thin provisioning capabilities found in its Albireo VDO solution," said Dan Iacono, Storage Systems IDC.
The help factor is being able to draw on 44 development and production locations Mannesmann VDO boasts in 19 countries.