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VDOVarus Derotation Osteotomy
VDOVery Distant Object(s)
VDOVoltage Drop-Out
VDOVirtual Data Object (programming data model)
VDOVereinigte DEUTA-Ota (Villingen, Germany; gauge manufacturer founded 1929)
VDOValue-Driven Organization
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The VDO REDI-Sensors are supplied preprogrammed a first in the aftermarket.
Using VDO, hospitalists discovered that lab testing for their patients was costing University Hospital about $2 million a year.
Albireo VDO uniquely combines scalability and performance with the industry's highest data reduction, enabling all customers to maximize the efficiency of their storage offerings.
The VDO RoadLog has no monthly fees, long-term contract or smartphone requirements.
3pc before amortisation relating to the purchase of the VDO automotive electronics business and before integration and restructuring expenses.
The Ballard Electric Drive acquisition is representative of [our] strategy for growing our core competencies in alternative powertrain areas, such as hybrid electronics," Siemens VDO President and chief executive John Sanderson said.
Believing that drive-by-wire systems and what they term "ecological" vehicles are just 15 years away from volume production, research has begun at Siemens VDO on an integrated wheel module that combines drive and dynamic functions.
The use of diesel is increasingly being viewed as a conservation technology to reduce the nation's oil consumption as clean diesel vehicles are 20 to 40 percent more fuel efficient and emit 10 to 20 percent less greenhouse gas than their gasoline counterparts," said Siemens VDO Sensors Division general manager Bret Sauerwein.
The advantage of VDO CANcockpit system is that both the CAN bus and traditional sensors can be used as the signal source, the company said.
With research and development, engineering, manufacturing and sales facilities throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, Siemens VDO Automotive supports automakers on a worldwide scale.
The new system can be made to "scan" any headlamp make and model, said Siemens VDO business development manager Andreas Reger.