VDOPVulgar Display of Power (music album)
VDOPVertical Dilution of Position (GPS)
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VDOP showed a significant negative relationship with location error, with a coefficient of -3.38 [+ or -] 0.84 standard error (SE) and p-value < 0.01.
Linear regression results of location error (m) as a function of PDOP (a), HDOP (b), VDOP (c), TDOP (d), topographic openness (e), vegetation height (f), canopy cover (g), and a multivariate model of environmental conditions (h) at the 64 random field sites located in northern Arizona, USA, during 2011-2012.
Figure 2 shows the global distribution of average VDOPs. The VDOP values in this plot are calculated on a 2-by-2-degree grid using all satellites in view for a GPS constellation with 31 satellites.
Figure 3(a) shows the dependency of the different DOP terms for a single location (Braunschweig, Germany) and Figure 3(b) focuses on the VDOP at different latitudes.
One interesting fact to mention here is that the VDOP is more vulnerable to elevation masking compared to the horizontal DOP.
We started with Figure 2 which provided a global overview of average VDOPs. In relation to this, Figure 4 shows how the VDOP values decrease for a dual constellation scenario.
Caption: Figure 2: Global simulation of average VDOP using GPS only (5[degrees] elevation mask).
Caption: Figure 4: Decrease of VDOP in comparison to single constellation GPS (5[degrees] elevation mask).
y VDOP = [raiz cuadrada de [V.sub.z]]/[[sigma].sub.[??]] (21)
Por el mismo razonamiento se pueden definir PDOP, TDOP, HDOP y VDOP, y por supuesto el NDOP y el EDOP (USAF, 1996) como