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VDPVin de Pays (French: Wine of the Land)
VDPVerband Deutscher Pfandbriefbanken
VDPVisual Descent Point
VDPvideo datagram protocol
VDPVisual Day Planner
VDPVibration Damped Palletisation (System 3R)
VDPVideo Decompression Processor
VDPVehicle Down for Parts
VDPVehicle Deadlined for Parts
VDPVava'u Development Programme (EU)
VDPVerband Deutscher Papierfabriken (German: Association of German Paper Mills)
VDPSt. Vincent de Paul
VDPVascular Disease Program
VDPVoluntary Departure Plan
VDPVariable Data Publishing
VDPVerband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter eV (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates)
VDPVillage Development Program
VDPVillage Defense Party (Bangladesh)
VDPVoluntary Disclosure Program (tax amnesty; various nations)
VDPVideo Display Processor
VDPVariable Data Printing
VDPVan der Pol (equation)
VDPVideo Disk Player
VDPVehicle Development Process
VDPVerband Deutscher Puppentheater (German: German Puppet Theater Association)
VDPVendor Direct Program
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capitalized labour), related to the VDP is expected to be approximately $225 million, to be fully realized in fiscal 2020.
The potential altitude error with a remote altimeter setting makes the VDP unreliable.
To participate in Out-of-State VDP, applicants must:
If an entity does not qualify for the VDP, California also offers the opportunity to voluntarily enter into a Filing Compliance Agreement (FCA).
The PPy and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) shell on the surface of ITO nanoparticles was formed by VDP of Py and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT) monomer.
Nestle's decision to use Payne Supastrip VDP on Carlos VC for a second time, follows its introduction on a record-breaking promotion for the brand in 2011.
Just look for the VDP and the majestic eagle on the label.
Conversely, the change-block tracking allows VDP to restore only the data that has been changed since the last backup, which affords faster recovery time compared to restoring an entire VM.
Therefore, during the hot pressing of fiberboard, the temperature gradient, moisture gradient, and variation in resin curing level of the inner mat will give an uneven VDP.
The buzzword today is variable data printing, or VDP, and it's proving wrong those who predicted that all the direct marketing action would move to the email front, that direct mail was a medium of the past.
The VDP includes tactical recommendations for building evidence and communicating effectively with stakeholders (see Figure 4).
On average, the VDP was significantly reduced by 132.