VDRAVitamin D Receptor Activator (biology)
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Vitamin D receptor analogues (VDRAs), such as calcitriol, paricalcitol, and maxacalcitriol, directly act on the VDR [7].
In addition to vitamin D-dependent vascular calcification because of excessive use of VDRAs, vitamin D deficiency is related to vascular calcification in CKD.
In addition, in arteries of patients with CKD, VDRAs restored the mRNA expression of klotho.
This study reports the effects of treatment with enalapril, an ACEI, and paricalcitol, a VDRA, alone or in combination, on the progression of renal impairment through their protective effects against renal oxidative and nitrosative stress in diabetic rats.
In addition, from the ADVANCE study in hemodialysis patients, therapy with a calcimimetic and VDRA was superior in slowing the progression of VC than VDRA therapy alone [202].
Vitamin D receptor agonists (VDRAs) are given to patients with CKD to correct the deterioration caused by hyperparathyroidism and vitamin D deficiency [6].