VDRASVariational Doppler Radar Assimilation System
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In addition, in arteries of patients with CKD, VDRAs restored the mRNA expression of klotho.
The VITAL study initiated in 2008 reported the effects of VDRAs in patients with CKD.
VDRAs or nutritional vitamin D supplements facilitate the alleviation of vitamin D-dependent or vitamin D-independent vascular calcification.
From a study of animals with CKD, VDRA therapy significantly decreased aortic calcification because the benefits of VDRA therapy were associated with increasing levels of klotho and osteopontin [190].
In addition, from the ADVANCE study in hemodialysis patients, therapy with a calcimimetic and VDRA was superior in slowing the progression of VC than VDRA therapy alone [202].
Systems, such as VDRAS that can rapidly (e.g., approximately every 10 min) assimilate Doppler radar reflectivity and radial velocity data offer an opportunity to provide frequent, high-resolution (HRES) updates on evolving mesoscale winds, convergence, and updraft regions.