VDRRVitamin D-Resistant Rickets
VDRRVitamin D Receptor Resource
VDRRVerein Des Rhodesian Ridgeback (German: Rhodesian Ridgeback Association; dog club)
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As a result of questioning her medical history, it was discovered that she had VDRR and its physical findings (Figure 1).
Histological evaluation was carried out in order to diagnose dental manifestation of VDRR accurately.
VDRR is a disease which is characterized by defective reabsorption of phosphate from the proximal renal tubule (1,7,9).
In this VDRR case, histological examination of the extracted tooth showed dentinal clefts/dilated dentinal tubules and these conditions agreed with the dental findings of VDRR.
Although the prophylactic pulpotomy is one of the treatment options of VDRR cases, it is not recommended due to lack of sufficient evidence for a good prognosis (21).