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VDSVerband Der Schadenversicherer (German)
VDSVirtual DMA Services
VDSVisual DialogScript
VDSVerband Deutscher Studentenschaften
VDSVehicular Data Server
VDSVolatile Dissolved Solids
VDSVadso, Norway - Vadso (Airport Code)
VDSVoltage Drain to Source
VDSVerein Die Schwarzwalduhr (German: Black Forest Clock Association)
VDSVolume Descriptor Sequence (OSTA universal disk format)
VDSVessel Deployment System
VDSVehicle Detector Station
VDSView Dependent Simplification
VDSVenereal Disease - Syphilis
VDSVideo Distribution System/Subsystem
VDSVelocity Data System
VDSVideo Descriptive Service
VDSVersa Docking Station
VDSVHF Directional Finding Subsystem
VDSVerband der Sachversicherer eV (German)
VDSVirtual Dedicated Server
VDSVisual Design System
VdSVereinigung der Sternfreunde (German: Association 'Friends of Astronomy')
VDSVisionary Design Systems, Inc.
VDSVoluntary Departure Scheme
VDSVirtual Disk Service
VDSVolunteer Development Scotland (Stirling, Scotland)
VDSVirus Detection System
VDSVerein Deutsche Sprache (German: German Language Association)
VDSValue Delivery System
VDSVehicle Dynamics Simulation
VDSVehicle Dynamic Stability
VDSVehicle Dependability Study (JD Power)
VDSvideo subsystem (US DoD)
VDSVickers Defence Systems
VDSVisual Display System
VDSVariable Depth Sonar
VDSVacuum Drying System
VDSVoluntary Disclosure Scheme (India)
VDSVoice Distribution System
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The exceptional performance of the VDS market in Latin America is expected to continue.
Therefore, it is essential to conceptualize the stimulus and situations that may create the real perception of quality and monetary savings when the product is promoted, especially under VDS.
The case study section presents event study results from IQS, VDS and CR survey analyses.
JD Power and Associates' VDS finds long-term durability continues to be important consumer factor.
About VDS Group: The export-oriented garment manufacturer has been serving the apparel sector for twenty years and is an industry leader in implementing eco-friendly technologies based on its commitment to social responsibility.
converted pain-intensity scores associated with the Bieri FPS [27], NRS, and VDS into four levels (none, mild, moderate, and severe) to analyze the effectiveness of a pain intervention [16].
It also outlined other efforts it would make to ensure maximum cost effectiveness - notably by finding synergies between VDS and other Commission activities.
The competition marks the 20th anniversary of VDS and is in conjunction with Hewlett Packard and Creative Edge.
Versant's VDS Object Database provides a resilient foundation to help manage the size and complexity of supply chain models," said Andy Carlson, director of supply chain product marketing for J.
VDS operates by simplifying the configuration of disks so that a wider range of storage hardware can be used with them.
But analysts cautioned that the extent of the interest in, and the price Rolls-Royce could command for VDS will largely hinge on whether the latter wins the order to supply the Greek government.
Offering a continuum of service, the global VDS organization comprises more than 150 scientists, engineers and other personnel.