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VDSLVery high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (also seen as VHDSL)
VDSLVery High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
VDSLVery High Speed Dsl
VDSLVar da så lidt (Danish: You are Welcome)
VDSLVertical Deflection Supplementary Listing
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* VDSL lends itself well to providing long-range Ethernet connections with up to 10Mbps symmetric bandwidth over voice-grade in-building infrastructure at up to 10 times the distances of 10Base-T Ethernet
The applications for VDSL in the residential segment include personalized digital video, unified messaging, e-commerce, telecommuting and multi-player gaming.
For the business community, VDSL has potential to provide native-mode LAN services and high-speed Internet connectivity to the office along with telephone service, notes Bob Olshansky, manager, advanced transport technologies for GTE Laboratories in Waltham, Mass.
In 2005, DTAG announced plans to deploy fibre between the MDF and the street cabinet (FTTC), and to install VDSL solutions.
One Ethernet platform enables service providers to reach profitability sooner since they can provision numerous services over existing T-1 lines or low-grade twisted pair wiring with VDSL. This allows for reduced costs while increasing the number of customers that can be served.
-- 4 port 10BaseS VDSL module + 4 ports 10/100BaseT
As the second entry in the Netgear ProSecure UTM S product line, the UTM25S -- like its predecessor, the UTM9S, the best-selling appliance in the ProSecure line -- delivers comprehensive Internet security as well as high-speed Internet access through a choice of WAN connections-built-in Ethernet ports, an optional VDSL modem module, or a qualified 3G USB dongle.
Supporting up to 384 copper lines in a fibre terminated installation, Velocity-3 identifies and cancels VDSL crosstalk from all lines in the vectored group, independent of binder, cable or chassis, increasing rate, reach, robustness and reliability.
The remedy proposed by Bundesnetzagentur on 21 July 2006, and endorsed by the Commission on 21 August 2006, requires Deutsche Telekom to open its broadband networks (including those using VDSL technology) to competitors (see Europolitics 3137).
Telenor will deploy Kasenna's MediaBase XMP software to manage, distribute and deliver video content for the video-on-demand part of its paid-subscription BIT, broadband, Internet and TV over VDSL service.
ADSL, ADSL lite, SDSL, and VDSL) within a single platform.