VDSSVirginia Department of Social Services
VDSSVolume of Distribution at Steady State
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The calibration and validation of the models are based on the data of target VDSs from May and November of 2013.
The following pharmacokinetic equations were used for different calculations: Dose=Cl x AUC Cl = Dose/AUC; AUMC = MRT x AUC; Dose = VDss X AUC2 AUMC; VD=Dose/Kel x AUC VD = Dose/concentration measured in plasma;VDss= Cl x MRT
Em relacao ao volume de distribuicao, puderam-se observar valores altos de V3 e Vdss (Tabela 1), o que demonstra uma elevada distribuicao tecidual do propofol.
The reported means PK- values in donkeys were AUC 4.6 ug/mL/h, MRT 0.6 h, Cl 0.188 mL/kg/h, VDSS was 0.093L/kg.
VDss L/kg-1 (l/kg)###0.2324-0.3321###.267+0.014###0.0408###15.28###0.255
Just under the wire, the six copies of the grant application were delivered to VDSS in Richmond.
The data obtained the mean (+SEM) pharmacokinetic parameters of ketoprofen were, AUC (Area under the curve) = 17.02-+2.61 g.h/ml, Cl (clearance) = 0.21-+0.02l/h/kg, VDss (Steady state volume of distribution) = 0.47-+0.04 l/kg, t1/2 (half life) = 2.2-+ 0.17h, and MRT (Mean Residence Time) = 2.44-+0.17 hrs.
Version 3.02, as Mean +-SEM AUC (Area Under the concentration time Curve) +- ug.h.ml-1, Cl (Clearance) +- l.hr-1.kg-1, t1/2 (Half Life) +- hr-1, VD (Volume of Distribution) +- l.kg-1, VDss (Volume of distribution at Steady State) +- l.kg-1, and Kel (Elimination Rate Constant) +- l.hr-1 respectively.