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VDTVino da Tavola (Italian: Table Wine)
VDTVirtual Data Toolkit
VDTVerband Deutscher Tonmeister (German: Association of German Sound Engineers; audio industry group)
VDTVolume Doubling Time (oncology)
VDTVisual Disk Test (open source software)
VDTVariable Density Tunnel
VDTVideo Data Terminal
VDTVariable Discharge Turbine
VDTVertical Deceleration Tower
VDTValue Driver Tree (SAP)
VDTVehicle Data Terminal (mobile)
VDTVariable Depth Transducer
VDTVan der Merwe du Toit (South African legal firm)
VDTVoluntary Down Time
VDTVariable Data Table
VDTVascular Dilatation and Tortuosity
VDTValuable Drinking Time
VDTValdosta Daily Times
VDTVariable Dwell Time
VDTVehicle Dynamics Technology (Bitgear)
VDTVirtual Design Team
VDTVehicle Damage Tracking
VDTVin de Table (French: Table Wine; wine standard)
VDTVideo Dial Tone
VDTVideo Display Terminal
VDTVideo Display Tube
VDTVisual Display Terminal
VDTVirginia Department of Taxation
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Exposure to VDT units during the first trimester of pregnancy was investigated in 347 cases and 1,519 controls (data on VDT exposure was not collected during the first phase of the study among cases and controls interviewed at the Clinica Mangiagalli).
For the nondisabled control sample, only the ICC for VDT fell into the substantial category (0.
The VDT framework is supported by Galbraith's (1973; 1974) theory that organizations serve as exception-handling machines as part of his information processing view of organizations.
In April 1995, the FCC granted approval for the first time for the Bells to produce and deliver their own home-grown programming on their future VDT systems.
5) Eye discomfort, strain, burning, itching, irritation, and aching are among the most frequently reported problems experienced by VDT users.
It showed the tripled miscarriage rate was linked specifically to VDTs that produce high levels of extremely low frequency radiation.
The researchers compared a group who used VDTs all day long with a group who performed similar tasks without using the terminals.
Of 46 persons suffering from facial rashes with a higher level of VDT exposure, 36 had skin problems on the side of the face most commonly turned away from the video terminal.
Users concerned about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from VDTs and other equipment followed with interest research done by NoRad of Santa Monica, Calif.
The policy als does not require the State to finance eye examination and glases for VDT operators.
We plan to add another VDT and some job-estimation software soon.
Any effective design should take them into account, particularly if you're planning to spend a lot of time in front of your VDT (video display terminal).