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VDTVino da Tavola (Italian: Table Wine)
VDTVisual Display Terminal
VDTVideo Display Terminal
VDTVin de Table (French: Table Wine; wine standard)
VDTVirtual Data Toolkit
VDTValdosta Daily Times
VDTVirtual Desktop Toolbox
VDTVariable Delay Timing
VDTVolume Definition Table
VDTVirtual Design Team
VDTVorsprung Durch Technik (German: Advantage through Technology; Audi)
VDTVerband Deutscher Tonmeister (German: Association of German Sound Engineers; audio industry group)
VDTVideo Dial Tone
VDTView, Download and Transmit (electronic health records)
VDTVideo Display Tube
VDTVehicle Damage Tracking
VDTVillage Development Trust (Papua New Guinea)
VDTValuable Drinking Time
VDTVirginia Department of Taxation
VDTVariable Dwell Time
VDTVehicle Dynamics Technology (Bitgear)
VDTVehicle Data Table (software)
VDTVital Data Technology (California)
VDTVolume Doubling Time (oncology)
VDTVisual Disk Test (open source software)
VDTVegetation Direct Transfer
VDTVariable Density Tunnel
VDTVideo Data Terminal
VDTVariable Discharge Turbine
VDTVertical Deceleration Tower
VDTValue Driver Tree (SAP)
VDTVehicle Data Terminal (mobile)
VDTVariable Depth Transducer
VDTVan der Merwe du Toit (South African legal firm)
VDTVoluntary Down Time
VDTVascular Dilatation and Tortuosity
VDTVariable Data Table
VDTVenezuelan Death Touch (gaming)
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After identifying activities and actors associated with predicted bottlenecks, a VDT user can propose decentralization of decision making, reassignment or change in the number or skills of workers on a subteam, better communication tools, or other changes in the structure of the design team's organization.
Stress has potential to affect human health when coupled with VDT operation.
Using a VDT is equivalent to sitting in the living room watching TV while reading or knitting.
(1991) investigated musculoskeletal discomfort and related factors among 539 data-entry VDT users.
In April 1995, the FCC granted approval for the first time for the Bells to produce and deliver their own home-grown programming on their future VDT systems.
In 1978, VDT entered on a marketing try-out of the push-block CVT system with 200 Fiat Ritmos/Stradas (1.5-liter engine) featuring a centrifugal clutch and a gear-ratio range of 4.0.
It takes readers about 30% longer to proof and discover mistakes in displayed material than on the same printed matter.(8) While the reasons for this are not understood, it can cause VDT users to spend more time staring at the screen and become more likely to suffer eyestrain.
He pointed out that VDT LTE is leveraging on the Bitflux network it painstakingly and deliberately built from the scratch to provide premium quality 4G broadband experience in the country.
Regarding status of workplaces, 73% workstations in our study were poorly designed as per indicators of OSHA VDT checklist where CVS symptoms were high than those with well designed workstations.
This data is subsequently imported into the Keysight VDT Toolset for test case creation, resulting in reliable and repeatable RF replay in a controlled laboratory environment.
* Enhanced surface aesthetics: Traditional damping foam has an open cell structure on the surface, often not preferred, whereas VDT technology is non-foamed and offers enhanced visual aesthetics.