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VDTVino da Tavola (Italian: Table Wine)
VDTVirtual Data Toolkit
VDTVerband Deutscher Tonmeister (German: Association of German Sound Engineers; audio industry group)
VDTVolume Doubling Time (oncology)
VDTVisual Disk Test (open source software)
VDTVariable Density Tunnel
VDTVideo Data Terminal
VDTVariable Discharge Turbine
VDTVertical Deceleration Tower
VDTValue Driver Tree (SAP)
VDTVehicle Data Terminal (mobile)
VDTVariable Depth Transducer
VDTVan der Merwe du Toit (South African legal firm)
VDTVoluntary Down Time
VDTVariable Data Table
VDTVascular Dilatation and Tortuosity
VDTValuable Drinking Time
VDTValdosta Daily Times
VDTVariable Dwell Time
VDTVehicle Dynamics Technology (Bitgear)
VDTVirtual Design Team
VDTVehicle Damage Tracking
VDTVin de Table (French: Table Wine; wine standard)
VDTVideo Dial Tone
VDTVideo Display Terminal
VDTVideo Display Tube
VDTVisual Display Terminal
VDTVirginia Department of Taxation
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The public needs education about the consequences of spending large amounts of time in front of a computer screen or other VDT without breaks.
When considering distracting reflections in VDTs, all of the LED troffers I surveyed are unsuitable for open-office applications in which CRT monitors are common.
To gain further information, we considered data from a case-control study on the association between VDT use in pregnancy and the risk of SGA birth.
On the basis of a comparison of these parameters, as described in the "Methods" section, we used the log-transformed data for the MDT, VDT, CDT, and WDT measures and the raw data for the CPT and HPT measures when performing all further statistical tests.
Workers were studied from a variety of jobs and environments, however, with different VDT types and sizes and "results were extremely consistent over a three-year period.
The results of the hearings as well as a series of inquiries from companies where employees use VDTs led the ministry to decide to update the current guidelines, they added.
According to Mogensen, government officials concluded that regulations related to VDT safety and health might result in a loss of economic investment, jobs, and tax revenues.
The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Atlanta, and other university researchers evaluated 127 exercises from 12 exercise programs recommended for use by VDT operators.
Jaschinski-Kruza (1988) stated that one reason for reports of visual fatigue from VDT workers is that the viewing distance is usually less than their dark-focus point.
This brief case study illustrates the way a VDT model can provide theory and tools to predict the impacts of specific organizational changes on task performance, given schedule pressures, organization structure and project policies.
The cause of visual complaints may arise from the VDT itself, the environment lighting, or the VDT user's vision.