VDTAVacuum Dealers Trade Association (est. 1981; Des Moines, IA)
VDTAVideo Dial Tone Association
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The symbolic notation of the VDTA is shown in Figure 1, where [V.
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VDTA is an order-writing show, and business was reported to be brisk.
Type of active of passive of active elements elements element [6] 2012 2 2 CCCDTA [31] 2011 2 5 or 6 DO-CIBA [32] 2013 2 3 VDIBA [33] in 3 5 DO-CG-CFBA press [34] 2014 2 5 CG-CFDOBA, CG-BCVA [35] 2012 1 3 VDTA [36] 2013 1 5 VDTA [37] 2012 2 6 CCII+.
Manufacturers will tell you VDTA is their favorite show because they get feedback from the experts, not numbers-first buyers who might last two years in floor care before being transferred to an unrelated category.
Like most specialists, VDTA members capitalize on their differences from other distribution channels: professionalism and distinguishable products.
VDTA and SDTA will maintain current programs and services but eventually will focus on each category's specific needs and attract broader membership.
VDTA president Judy Patterson pointed out that dealers were able to meet their suppliers and learn methods to improve their sales and service, as well as ways to reduce overhead and increase their bottom- line profits.
The convention, which offers seminars and speakers, as well as exhibitors, is expected to draw more than 3,000 participants, including members of the VDTA from the United States, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim.
Then there's a bit of a break until VDTA sets up shop in Las Vegas between Feb.
The warranty, introduced to dealers at the VDTA convention and trade show, is one of the tacks the company is taking to differentiate itself by increasing the sales and service support offered to distributors and dealers.